Goodbye 2CC…

Hello 2CC, 

I hope you are all having a lovely day at home. It was fantastic to see so many of you at yesterday’s transition session, it was just a shame it wasn’t for longer, the hour flew by! You have all grown so much taller and there was a huge amount of gaps to be seen in some of your teeth! The tooth fairy must’ve had a very busy few months – especially at Joseph’s house! 

I am incredibly sad that our wonderful two year learning journey together has come to an end and what a shame, that it was interrupted so early on and we didn’t get to finish year 2 properly together. I have been so impressed with how well you have got on with your home learning and I have loved receiving photo’s and seeing you on our video calls every week. 

There are so many wonderful memories we can keep. Sadly, we said goodbye to Jackson, Charlotte and Zakariya at he start of year 2 but we welcomed Ario and Sarkar in Year 1 and Zaina joined us in year 2. I am sure they will agree, you all made them feel incredibly welcome, because you are such a wonderfully friendly bunch of children.

In year 1, you all absolutely loved learning about The Great Fire of London and the Titanic and we had some great trips to Tropical World and Harewood House. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to come along on our trips. It was always great to chat to you all a little bit more and trips can’t go ahead without the help of parents giving up their time so it was always greatly appreciated.   

Year 2 saw us learning about Leeds, Captain Cook & Neil Armstrong. These were great topics and I saw some amazing writing come from these topics.  My proudest moments have to be when YOU performed our class assemblies. You were just GREAT! I always had a proud tear in my eye as I’m sure your parents did too. 

We had so much fun everyday in class!  You all have such fantastic personalities and since I met you on your reception trip to Harlow Carr, you have all just flourished and grown into wonderful learners. 

I do feel sad to say goodbye as your class teacher, as I am sure you do too. But you are now going on a new year 3 adventure with Miss Lucas and you will have such a wonderful time with her, I have told her so much about you and I know you will love Miss Lucas being your teacher. I will still see you around school, and I’m hoping I get to see lots of your work once you are back at school. 

I hope you all have an amazing summer. Enjoy being with your families, fingers crossed we get some nice weather!   

Thank you for being ACE! 

Miss Cooke xxxx 

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